PO Box Addresses

You may have noticed that our Town of Shirley has been growing. The Postmaster Loretta from Greenville will be adding another set of mailboxes. It is important to understand that going forward everyone that had/has a PO BOX address for Shirley will no longer be able to use it. The Postmaster is asking that every resident use their physical address (house number and street, road, etc.). It is in everyone’s best interest to understand in an emergency, and you need the Police, Fire, or Ambulance they need to be able to find you at your physical address. You will need to contact the Post Office to remove the old PO BOX address and add your physical address. If you have a PO BOX set up in Greenville, you can continue to use that as your mailing address. If you use the PO BOX here in SHIRLEY, you must remove the old PO BOX ADDRESS. If you don’t have a physical address, you may contact the Town Office and the Town Clerk will get you set up with one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Postmaster Loretta at (207) 695-2450.